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Over this course we hope to cover some basic information on drugs and alcohol. The area of addiction and drugs and alcohol is a very large issue.

This course has been designed to provide the participant with a good grounding in the area of drug and alcohol use and misuse

This course contains some useful information for The learning Curve Institute teachers & trainers.

This is a Work in Progress & is currently under construction

QQI Level 6 Mental Health Awareness component certificate:

 The QQI Level 5 Community Addiction Studies Component Certificate is aimed at participants who wish to expand their knowledge of addiction, drugs and their use/misuse.

Learners who successfully complete the QQI Level 5 Community Addiction Studies Minor Award will:

  • gain a knowledge of addiction, different drugs and their effects
  • become familiar with the process of addiction
  • gain a knowledge of how addiction effects individuals, families, and communities
  • develop skills in communicating about drug/alcohol issues and addiction
  • develop skills in understanding appropriate responses to addiction
  • develop a critical awareness of attitudes towards addiction